Overwatch Quests Payouts Update!




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    Keep up the good work! 

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    Claude Herbert

    Thanks Galin!

    We appreciate your support!

    I hope that you continue to enjoy PlayVIG!


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    I would like to make a small request, about adding Damage blocked in leaderboards with points, so all characters can be viable.  Like in points multiplier we could have 0.002 x Damage blocked.

    Thank you!

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    Lucian Flr2006

    Those rewards should be implemented in LoL too, 4 Game Streak is only 850 coins

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    Electric Zax

    In LoL you can play regular games, which are considerably easier to win if you are skillful. And even more if you have a team. If you play ranked it's way harder to win 4 games in a row against people with similar skill. That's why OW has higher rewards.

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