Double ads for double rewards



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    An interesting idea.

    We actually had a few quests in the past that increased the rewards based on ads. However, it wasn't very popular, so we have since removed it. 

    Reward scaling based on win streaks is an interesting idea. However, we'd have to do some testing to make sure it isn't something that can be easily cheated or exploited. 

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    it's not exploitable, those values that i mentioned are pretty bad, for example
    in league of legends we have a quest called >>STREAK Win 4 games in a row to get 850 coins
    With those values if you win 4 games in a row you will get only get 300 coins 
    but it is very good if you get 7 wins in a row and beyond 
    Maybe start with 25 coins in the first win? 
    but it is very exciting, PLAYVIG makes me want to play games, especially casual mode, because i can play just for fun and if i win i will get rewarded, but ranked games it's just so stresseful because when i lose, i will get mad for 2 reasons
    I lose the playvig quest and my ranked game.
    sorry for my bad english again, i'm not an english speaker.

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    dejan jovanovic

    The Chance of you winning 7 games in a row without smurfing is at 0.78% I don't think anybody would watch 128 ads and play 128 games for 2540 coins.

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