Small suggestion to improve the use of the playvig store



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    Hey there Christian!

    I know you mentioned your concern about PlayVIG being a "falling" company (did you mean to say failing?). However, I'm happy to say, it's the opposite! The store congestion is a result of all the new users the App! (300,000+ now!)

    The good news is PlayVIG is no longer a niche App, as it's growing more mainstream everyday.


    With regards to your suggestion:

    An interesting idea! Believe it or not, we used to offer 2 dollar purchases in the store. 

    Though raising it to $10 purchases will certainly curtail some of the congestion we would like to avoid options where only

    hardcore players get to redeem their coins. (Hardcore meaning only those with high coin balances) .


    We're currently exploring ways to optimize how store orders are processed, however, in the meantime, you'll have to be patient as store orders will be taking about 9 days to complete. 


    Thanks again for the suggestion!

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    Christian Ortega

    I understand clearly. It is good to know that playvig grows more and more. I hope that little by little they improve more and more. Thanks for answering Mr. Matt

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