League of Legends quests and general questing



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    Claude Herbert

    Hi Thade!

    Thanks a whole lot for this suggestion!

    We are always looking for new ways to implement challenges for our more skilled players as well as making fun quests for our less skilled players.

    I'm curious, how would you apply this method to Fortnite quests?



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    Simple.Daily quest will be play 15,30,50 games,get 30,50,75 kills,build 200,350,500 objects,open 30,50,70 chests,gather 1000,2000,3000 resources.Silver and gold:walk x amount of distance,deal x ammount of damage.Gold:recover 5000 health/shields.

    Weakly:Complete daily quests,normal quests,survive the 1st gathering storm x times,be in the last 25 x times be in the last 10 x times

    the x is for the numbers the differ based on rank type bronze low number and goes higher.

    Even though I dont really like playing fortnite the game has also many objectives that can be used for quests aside from winning.

    And as always numbers can be changed to make a reasonable balance between chore and doing something to look to and having fun completing it making players better at understanding the game they play.

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