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    Hey there!


    Thanks for the suggestion.


    Some leaderboards do lean a bit towards skill, which is why we added solo quests to allow people who prefer grinding to earn rewards. Simply grind the same solo quests as much as you like. (I"m not a huge grinding fan myself, but to each their own. :D)


    Raffle Leaderboards also offer a way for everyone to have a chance to win, so even if you have the most raffle tickets, it still doesn't guarantee you a win. 


    Hope this clarifies things. In the meantime, we'll certainly take your suggestions into consideration. ;)


    - Matt

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    Yes, that's understandable, but it's not really grinding solo quests because I don't gain anything if I don't manage to get the requirements. In a grind environment, I would get some sort of progress towards the goal anyways - like if I'm doing top 10 solo + 3 kills and I get top 10 but only 2 kills, it's pointless, but in the quest I described I'd still get points towards completing the quest. So it's less risk even if you fail, but you end up getting less reward too compared to normal quests. 

    Thanks for the reply! 

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