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    Obviously you can own as many League of legends accounts as you wish, but you are however limited to only 1 playvig account, any more and it would be a violation of their tos.

    I am however not entirely sure how it functions with the use of smurfs etc. (e.g you are a challenger player, playing on a bronze account to achieve abnormal results, in a sense this is cheating to get a unfair advantage id say.). So best to wait for a more seasoned answer on that one.

    But it is likely the method many people use to reach the insane amounts of points on certain leaderboard quests in league of legends. I've achieved challenger myself some seasons ago, while maintaining diamond atm I dont even understand how people get the absurd scores sometimes, unless they're using the method i mentioned.

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    My main is plat 5 and my secondary is also plat 5 and i have a thrid account that is gold 5 but i wanted to play on my secondary


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